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WEIGHTLOSS Diet Warning: This Mistakes Will Destroy WEIGHTLOSS

WEIGHTLOSS Diet Warning: This Mistakes Will Destroy WEIGHTLOSS

                Weightloss diet weight loss tips

Not eating enough before a workout can be detrimental for muscles. One of the best approaches to building muscle is to take in good nutrition to support exercise that one does.

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Not eating appropriately before a workout can result in nutrient deficiencies, fatigue, cramps, breaking down of muscle, etc.


So, what are the best nutrients that will not only fuel the workout but also nourish and build muscles?


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Our body needs the energy to fuel our workout and that comes from glycogen (stored glucose) stored in our muscles and liver. This glucose is the end product of carbohydrate metabolism. If the body does not have sufficient stored glucose, fat and muscle protein are utilized for energy.


So, if sufficient carbohydrates are available to the muscles, then proteins can do the job they are assigned to do – repair and rebuilding of muscle tissues leading to muscle gain.

Along with carbohydrates, the consumption of protein before a workout has shown an increase in muscle protein synthesis. Along with this, the protein will also facilitate recovery and increase strength and lean body mass.

Fat is one nutrient that should be consumed in modest amounts before exercise. Prefer healthy fats. It is best to avoid saturated fats and fats in large amounts as the body takes time to digest fat and the fat-laden food can trigger gastric distress or sluggishness.
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So, planning a snack or a meal before the workout with an appropriate ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats will support the workout, prevent muscle breakdown and promote muscle synthesis.

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A balanced diet for weight loss

The kind of food one eats before a workout depends on the timing of the meal. If it is a complete meal before a workout (3 hours prior to a workout), make sure there is a good amount of carbohydrates, some protein and less fat in the meal. In case you do not have time for a full meal before a workout you could still have a good snack rich in carbohydrates and some protein 60-90 minutes before the workout, However, make sure the snack is easy to digest.


Healthy food for losing weight

Here is the list of weight loss diets


Weighloss diet plan for men 7 days diet plan

Smoothie: A smoothie made with milk or curd along with fruit like banana and a few berries is a great way to start your workout.

Cereal: A whole grain cereal containing oats or muesli with milk and a fruit is a good pre-workout option

Sandwich: Whole grain bread with peanut or almond butter is sure to get you fueled up for the workout

Oats Porridge: Oats porridge with milk and banana will keep you fueled through the workout.

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Diet plan to lose fat

Water is as essential to a workout as the nutrients - carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. You should be well hydrated before you start any kind of exercise. Dehydration can cause low energy, muscle cramps or high heart rate. And above all water helps in cooling the exercising body.

Not being well fueled before exercise can cause a drop in blood sugar levels and fatigue during exercise. Physically active people need sufficient macronutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to stay healthy and perform at the same time. Also, the need for each of these nutrients will depend on many factors including the type of physical activity and the intensity of the workout.


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